Samsung T3 Portable SSD.

A few weeks we were given a portable SSD from Samsung. On first looks it looks very small, making it fit in to a pocket easily, it is considerably smaller than my Samsung M3 portable HDD.

Compare the size of the Samsung T3 to my personal Samsung M3.
Compare the size of the Samsung T3 to my personal Samsung M3.

On first thoughts, I felt like the T3 was quite expensive for what it is but while the price tag is high, the price of SSD’s are coming down and are becoming more affordable. Also it is a good piece of kit, for work I have many spreadsheets that I have to fill out and it take half the time to open and read the files on the T3, in comparison to the M3.

The Samsung T3 SSD looks very sleek, its metal exterior makes it look aesthetically pleasing and also it makes the whole product feel like superior to other products because of the element of luxury that the metallic exterior gives it. It also has an internal support frame, giving it amazing shock proofing so you wont lose any of your data, say, if you were to drop it. It also comes with optional AES 256-bit hardware encryption, meaning all of your data is encrypted and password protected, giving it some of the best security features, to top that you’d need round the clock surveillance on this device!

Samsung also have an Android app which allows you to connect the T3 to any Android device. But, as an Apple baby, I was slightly disappointed to find that there was no way of using it with my iPhone. The T3 is also compatible with Apple Mac’s, Windows PC’s and Linux devices.

Now to the technical bit.

The Samsung T3 sports Up to 450MB/sec transfer speed, which means you can move about 1000 films, assuming an average of about 700MB for a 1.5 hour movie at 720p, in 38 minuets and 50 seconds, which is quite quick!

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