Petcube Camera Review

We’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on the Petcube Camera from Petcube Inc.

The Petcube camera originally started as a Kickstarter project with 1,758 backers pledging $251,225 to help get the project of the ground.

This was clearly enough as Petcube launched and now it’s currently on Kickstarter for its latest Petcube Bites + Petcube Play. We hope we might get lucky enough to give one of these units a review once they’re ready.

So let’s get started

What’s in the Box:

  • USB Plug
  • UK & US Plug Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Camera
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Free Stickers

The box itself is very sleek and stylish and to be totally honest it looks like a lot of effort and thought has gone into the box. While some might think a box is just a box it’s the start of the product. A nice sturdy box generally means a nice sturdy good product and we were impressed just by opening the box.

Enclosed is a very nice sleek gloss USB Plug and an adapter for the UK or US depending on your location. Originally we were sent a US model for review which came with a US plug and did cause some issues with power supply however Petcube were quick to address the issue by setting up a distribution centre for review models in the UK. Previously all review models were sent from the US now it’s UK or US depending on the user’s location. Well done Petcube for responding so quickly.

Sticking with the plug for a little while you can see thought has gone into this too. It’s like something you would expect with a posh shiny new phone. As i say it’s gloss black like so does look nice and you just pop on the UK or US plug.

Also in the box is a USB cable to connect to the plug and petcube camera. You also get a guide to tell you how to get set up (We didn’t actually read this we will explain why) and a few free stickers. Though I’m not sure why you get the stickers there doesn’t really seem any point to them but hey it’s free stickers. We all love free sticker’s don’t we?

We didn’t read the setup guide as we were quick enough to download the iPhone App (there is also an app for Android) and following the instructions to get going was very simple.

You just wait for the camera to power up then press the little button on the back for 3 seconds so the light starts changing colour. You connect your phone to it’s inbuilt WiFi to then connect it to your WiFi network. Easy and done. I would just say if your WiFi is not great it’s not for you. I do wish they included an ethernet port onto the camera however this is just personal preference.

Once connected via the app you are ready to go and start playing with your camera.

A few things I’ve found a little annoying is first of the laser can be a little laggy to respond though I suspect this would be down to the WiFi speed however this is where an ethernet port would probably make it a little bit better.

Another is the camera is only 138º so you can’t view the whole room where your pet could be hiding. So you need to make sure the camera is in the right position to see the whole room. Something I’ve struggled with slightly needless to say it is a nice camera.

Another annoying thing is that it doesn’t seem to have a night view. Here is a screenshot of the App during the night.


Yes that really is the camera at night time. No lights on whatsoever. So as you can tell it’s not great at night.

However during the day the camera is much better


Another great feature I like is the built in laser. It’s just like a laser pen. It allows you to show a laser light so you can play with your pet’s. Great for cats who love chasing red laser lights. It’s a shame it’s just a red light different colours would make it a little nicer touch for the human but for the cat I doubt it would be any different.

Another great feature I like is what’s in the app not the camera. You can share your Petcube camera online and others can share with the whole world and you can view them. Owners can choose to disable sound and or the laser however I’ve noticed most owners with cats just disable the sound and I can understand why. However the owner can use their petcube app to listen into their pet and talk to them too!

Having that laser is great for playing with other people’s cats. So if you don’t actually own a Petcube camera but love pets I’d recommend downloading the app and checking out some of the public cameras there are some lovely pets to be viewed and played with.

Here are some snaps of the Petcube camera from Petcube Inc.

Petcube-Camera-cats-playPetcube-Camera-cats-play-runPetcube_Camera-Hand with phones Petcube_Camera-RescuePetcube_Camera-dog-stool Petcube_Camera-Dog

As you can see it’s a great little gadget for pet owners and those who can’t have a pet but want to check out others peoples pets.

As I said i would recommend downloading the app.

They have an App for both iOS & Android.

Here is what Petcube have to say:

  • Sleek 10 х 10 х 10 cm inches aluminium housing

  • 138° degree wide angle camera streaming HD 720p video

  • iOS & Android compatible

  • Connects to home Wi-Fi

  • 2-way audio stream through built-in microphone and speaker

  • Built in <1mW 2-class laser, certified & safe

  • Non-slip bottom surface, standard tripod mount

  • Motion and sound detection notifications

  • 110/240 power adapter
    (UK type plug)

Here are some screenshots of the iOS & Android app (which also supports Apple Watch!)

Apple-watch-couple1_Home_PetcubeApp_3-0 2_Feed_Petcube_App_3-0 3_Game_Petcube-App_3-0 4_Profile_Petcube_App_3-0 5_Share_Petcube-App_3-0 6_Home-Feed-ProfileScreens_Petcube-App_3-0 7_GameScreen_PetcubeApp_3-0

Android_Explore Android_Gamescreen Android_Playscreen Android_Sharing

Here are a couple of videos about the Petcube Camera

I’d highly recommend checking out their latest Petcube on Kickstarter


Or just get stuck into the current Petcube Cam


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