NuBand Activ+

The lovely people at NuBand sent us an Activ+, a watch that doubles up as a sleep tracker and step-counter. It also has a silent alarm that vibrates to wake you up, and as a deep sleeper, it wakes you up very well. The alarm activates around 20 minuets before the time you set, if you chose that (it can be set earlier or later), so it can bring you through the different stages of sleep slowly.

The watch comes in two parts, the actual watch and the band. They simply push in and it becomes a wearable item. To charge it, you take the middle device out of the band and plug it in. 3 Hours charge can last up to 7 days! Nearly as good as the Nokia 3210.

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The band itself looks very stylish with a silver popper type mechanism. But the popper has its flaws, many times while I was walking around at work it would catch on something or even just pop off randomly, which can be dangerous say if you were in a city and it just fell off, your band would be gone forever. But I can see why it does that, if you were in a gym and you got it caught on something, the last thing you’d want is it not to fall off and injure you but in scenarios like I was in it was more of a hindrance than a saviour.

There are 5 different display modes;

  1. Time and date – This displays when you first press the button on the side of the watch.
  2. Step count – This displays when you press the button twice and it shows you how many steps you have done so far on that day, this is also available when you sync the watch with your phone.
  3. Distance walked – This displays when you press the button three times, it calculates and displays the distance you have walked, this is also available when you sync the watch with your phone.
  4. Calories burned – This is displayed when the button is pressed four times and it shows the amount of calories burned so far in the day.
  5. Goal percentage – This shows the percentage of your daily goal, set in the app, that you have completed.

There is also ‘Sleep mode’. This tells you how well you have slept and it also calculates the time you have slept. Simply press the side button twice and it activates it, to deactivate it press the button twice again or the watch will deactivate it within 15 minuets of your first movement, you’d be surprised how much you can do in 15 minuets!

The Nuband Activ+ sports an OLED screen, this means you can see it from almost every angle. The only problem with it I found was as soon as you take the screen protector off it becomes scratched very easily, but that is  a minor problem.

The watch also included inactivity reminders, This senses when you haven’t moved in a while and reminds you that you should probably move around. This is useful on long flights because it can reduce health problems if you move around every so often.

The App.

There is a Nuband App for iPhones and Android devices, it allows you to set up your watch and set your goals ect. It looks unique, with its lime green style, it does the job. The app can be temperamental while syncing, if you aren’t on the right page on the watch it will abort the sync and you have to start all over again.


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