QPAD MK-80 Gaming Keyboard Review

So I was given the task of reviewing this lovely keyboard sent to us by QPAD.

Firstly, I would like to say that reviewing a keyboard is harder than it may seem, because everyone prefers a different feel to their keyboard and it takes a while to adjust to where the keys are. This means that I have had to spend the last couple of weeks adjusting to the keyboard. But as you get used to it, you realise just how good it is.

This is a Mechanical Keyboard, meaning that there are moving parts under the keys, which give it a distinctive clonking sound and also give it the resistance that some people like when they’re typing.

So, the keyboard has many features, like the function keys for controlling volume and skipping tracks, you can also control the backlight brightness with it too. It also features a USB 2.0 Hub, which can be very useful because the keyboard itself uses either 2 USB ports or 1 USB port and a PS/2 port. It also connects to the headphone and mic ports on the back of your PC so you can just plug them in to your keyboard.

I don’t have a 3.5mm mic, but I know that the ports on the back of the keyboard work very well!

Because this keyboard is mechanical, you can take the keys off without it breaking the keyboard, QPAD give you 4 orange keys to place where ever you want (I have mine on the WSAD keys). This is another amazing feature because, say of a key was to wear out, instead of receiving a new keyboard you can just take the worn out key off and replace it, hassle free!

QPAD Keyboard sat on my desk
QPAD Keyboard sat on my desk

The QPAD Mk-80 is a very nice keyboard to type on, it has a nice sturdy feel to it making typing feel so much nicer, nicer than non-mechanical keyboards. Although getting used to the keyboards tension under the keys, even now it feels like my fingers are having to work extra hard to press the keys (which isn’t a bad thing!!). I’ve extensivly tested this keyboard and it hasn’t disappointed, I have been able to type rather well with minimal mis-typing characters.

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