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We’ve been given the chance to test out some software from MacPaw and the next bit of software we’ve been putting to the test is Hider 2

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Hider 2 allows you to securely hide your files from prying eyes. You can hide sensitive work files, images, documents etc you name it you can hide it.

The software allows you to securely hide files on your Mac and set up a vault with all your secure documents. Great if you need to do work on your Mac but need to keep it in safe hands.

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Adding files and folders is really easy and simple with a nice clean and modern interface. If you are already using CleanMyMac 3 then the interface is one you will recognise.

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You can easily unhide your files by typing in your password (a secure password you setup once you’ve installed the App) and click the button to unhide. Your files will then reappear in a matter of seconds and hiding them again is simple as another click.

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Another built in feature is Secure Notes. Just like the Notes app included with Mac OS but more secure. You can type up all your notes and hide them and keep them secure. Want to write up a diary on your Mac and keep it private, Hider 2 is perfect. Need to write up notes for work, Hider 2 is perfect.

Hider 2 is great for both personal and business users and great for keeping photos and files hidden and safe.

You can be sure all your data is safe with AES-256 encryption as standard.

MacPaw say:

You can confidently store electronic bank statements, credit card info, and anything else you deem confidential.

We put our trust in this and would and will be fully doing this!

We would love to see Hider 2 from MacPaw become available on a Windows PC too! I save some of my documents to The Cloud via services like Dropbox and hubiC so having a Windows option would mean I can view my secure files on my PC as well as my Mac.

However who knows what the future might hold.

You can buy Hider 2 here


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